Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tip Tuesday

Novelty cake shapes
1. From wisebread.com comes an article about 36 uses for tin foil. One I liked is to use tin foil to make any shape cake you desire. Use several layers of  the tin foil to make the shape of anything you want without spending the money on a specialty cake pan. Place it on a large cookie sheet and bake your specialty cake in the oven.

Click here to read the other 35 uses of tin foil. Take the time, there are some good ones.

Don't buy Alka-Seltzer.
2. Also from wisebread.com in an article about 12 natural remedies for stomach pains, instead of buying Alka-Seltzer or like products just make your own cheaper at home. These products are basically just baking soda which most of us already have in the cupboard. Try mixing 1-2 teaspoons, depending on how strong you need it, of baking soda with warm water and drink.

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