Thursday, October 13, 2011

1 month

I haven't been blogging as much as usual, yes I know. I just have a lot on my mind right now. Perfect situation for blogging, right? I guess I haven't found anything that is post worthy. But I will let you in on what it's like to be a PCV so near the end of her service. Because it is as interesting a time as any.

Like I said I have a lot on my mind right now. I have just 29 days left here, but really only two more weeks in my town. I will be working one week as a teacher trainer for the new group of trainees that joined us here in September. That will take place the week after next. And I will be spending some time with my Moroccan family during the big holiday of the year.

What is there to do in a final month of service? I am finding that it is a lot. I feel very similar now to when I first started here. I mean I'm much more able to handle things, thank God, but just as starting up involves a lot of work, wrapping up does too. Don't get me wrong I would never want to go back to that place where I had to find an apartment, furnish it, get Internet and phone, all only knowing a small amount of language and not knowing many people. I should thank my lucky stars things are much easier now.

But now I have to find places for all those furnishings, cancel my phone, Internet, and post box, and pay all my final bills. I have to get my house all packed up and cleaned up. I feel like I am playing a waiting game. I'm having a hard time living in the moment because I have one foot here and one foot in America. I've been planning my ten day East coast vacation after Peace Corps and so it's hard for me to stay focused on my life here. In talking to friends and family about coming home, it's all I want to do right now.

There are many things that I am ready to be done with. All the stares, the way my body feels, the boring foods I eat, the long distance skype calls, and so on. Just as it has taken strength to get me through the past 25 months it's going to take just as much strength to get through this last one. It is my final challenge.