Thursday, September 29, 2011

An update

I hate being away from my blog for so long. Last week my computer was giving me some trouble that made blogging, and many other common computer tasks impossible. So far this week it is acting like a normal computer again.

I'll just give  you a quick update on me for now. I just got back from a regional meeting for Peace Corps that I had in the coastal town of El Jadida. I'm starting up a new yoga class for women tonight and also one for younger girls starting tomorrow. I don't have much time left but in that short time I hope I can get a few more Moroccan's hooked on yoga. I really enjoy teaching it and showing people the many things it can do for you.

This coming weekend I am going on a little trip to the town that I lived in when I had my Peace Corps training. I want to have the opportunity to spend a little bit more time with my host mother there, as she is a woman that I will never forget.

After that the next couple of weeks are going to just be normal around here, plus a little packing and emptying of my apartment. I have lots of things to go through to separate into my take home piles, give away piles, and toss piles.

I'm going to be participating in a Peace Corps training of the new trainees that have just joined us here a few weeks ago. I am going be administering training on how to teach English to Moroccan students.

After that it's just smooth sailing. I'll be spending lots of time with my family here and preparing myself to go home. I know six weeks is going to fly by so I'm just trying to take in all the good moments and let them fill me up with good feelings of Morocco.