Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tip Tuesday

Hello to all my loyal readers! It's so nice to be back to this blog after my long journey abroad. The United Kingdom proved to be a fun, interesting, and educational place and full of things to write about. You can look forward to reading those stories starting tomorrow, but without further ado here is your Tip Tuesday.

1. Fresher veggies
From one user says to place a piece of scrap paper in with your veggies in the fridge drawer. The moisture will go into the paper, not the veggies or salad, keeping them crisper longer.

2. Instant croutons
Another user of this website says to cut up any leftover bread you have into cubes. toss in olive oil and a little garlic, herbs and chilli powder, freeze on a tray and transfer into bags/boxes when frozen.You can then fry the bread bits in oil or also bake them in the oven for your very own croutons for salads or soups.

Take some time to browse for tons of tips on food portions and food saving techniques to save you money.