Thursday, August 18, 2011


On a night before a day that I had no particular plans in mind Davin suggested I go to Camden, an area of London. He told me that there were loads of boutiques that I might enjoy looking through.

I road the train up to King's Cross St. Pancreas and changed to the Northern Line on the Underground to get off one stop later at Camden Town. When I came out from station I immediately saw what Davin was talking about. On the main street I quickly saw many places that caught my eye. I found a store that sold things from India very cheaply. I could have dropped lots of money there, if I would have had the space to carry it all back.

I thought that the stores on the main street that I saw were all that I was meant to see. But as I walked further down the street I discovered an entrance to a maze of winding alleys full of unique shops. This market quickly reminded me of the tight and crowded streets of an old medina in Morocco. Minus the scooters zipping by.

As I explored I found many more shops selling Indian things and quickly decided I wanted to get myself something from one as I love Hindu art.

I ended up buying this small tapestry that I put up on my wall. 
There were also several stores selling vintage clothing which also caught my eye. Most stores had their own music blaring from them. Music that fit the mood the store was trying to set. One store in particular that drew me in by its music was Cyberdog.

From far away I thought it might be a big arcade or electronic store. But as I got closer the rhythmic techno music (my favorite) pulled me in for a closer look. Outside the store there were two robots standing about 15 feet tall seemingly guarding either side of the door.
Going in it felt like a museum. One to give you a full experience. There were neon lights and people dressed up in eclectic, futuristic clothing walking around.

As it turned out Cyberdog does not sell electronics but rather futuristic clothing, cool gadgets, and accessories. Pretty much a haven for anyone who likes to rave. This isn't exactly me but I felt like for even a few minutes I could step into a fantasy world that Cyberdog created.

This quite possibly was the coolest store I had ever been in. I left it a changed person.

I continued to walk through the interesting maze this market had. Inside here there were several places to eat international food including several Moroccan places. I did enjoy the little taste of home when I saw the first Moroccan restaurant called Marrakesh. I didn't eat in there but I did like seeing the traditional Moroccan decorations.
After I had my fun in Camden I took the Underground over to Hyde park where a spend a few more hours getting lost walking the paths of the very large park.
 I was so glad the Davin had suggested me going to Camden and it was actually one of my favorite experiences in London. It was just what I needed to get off the path of a tourist and get to see a interesting, eclectic side of London. I would recommend a trip there to anyone traveling in London.