Friday, July 22, 2011

Newborn has same birthday as parents

A birth always calls for a celebration,  little Mason Parker's day of birth is also the birth date's of not one but both of his parents.

His mother, 29-year-old Jacquie Parker of Long Island, spent her 28th birthday in labor. Meanwhile,  his father 32-year-old Paul Parker stood by awaiting his son celebrating his birthday too.

The couple was excited when Jacquie went into labor at three a.m. on July 19th, a day before her due date. Then began a race against the clock in hopes to deliver Mason and have a triple celebration.

In the afternoon Jacquie's contractions stopped, but finally after 20 hours of labor, just one half hour before midnight Mason was born, naturally.

The couple had planned on a quiet restaurant dinner for their birthdays but ended up with a much better thing to celebrate.

The two are already planning a special party for next year to celebrate Jacquie's 30th birthday  and Mason's 1st.

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