Thursday, June 9, 2011

What a good night is

Let me describe to you a good work night. Last night.

A sat in my classroom for a few minutes reading my book. A young boy came in and picked out a children’s book in Arabic and started reading at his own will. I watched his finger follow the lines and heard his soft whisper of the words. Quietly we read together.

Next one of my older students came in, one of my favorites. And I gave him a book to read as well. In peace we three read together.

Then I challenged Zacharia to read a book in English. His English is pretty good for his age, 13, and he makes me proud. He read the book successfully and I was happy for him.

Later I read the two of them a book in English about a little body who was having a very boring day.

Next we played a  few rounds of a game together.

I found a book in Arabic that looked really beautiful by the illustrations. I asked Zacharia if he could read it to me. When he read the Arabic it sounded like poetry. And bless his heart, he tried his hardest to translate each line for me. He did very well. I never stopped him when he made mistakes  (I will see for you=I will show you) but helped him when he was struggling for the words. (Grass, sky, sun) The story was about a parent wanting to show their little boy everything the world has to offer.

My work is slow now, but my work is simple. Having meaningful interactions like those keeps me strong.