Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Highly fashionable and highly fragrant.

Canadian artist Nicole Dextras of Vancouver B.C., is trying to show the world that frilly fashions can be made from the fruits of the Earth.

Over the past six years Dextras has been collecting plants native to the Pacific Northwest and making them into creations that she calls "Weedrobes".
 Her wish is not only to make a piece of art but make a statement. To address peoples' grown enviornmental concerns.

"I've had an ongoing interest in environmental art, and working in the theater as a clothes designer opened me up to the idea that the way people dress affects their psychology," Dextras told AOL Weird News. "I want these dresses to open a dialogue to people about where their clothes come from."
 The dresses are not made for everyday wear and making comfortable leisure clothing is out of the question.

After finishing the creation and photographing it in a natural environment Dextras employs a model to wear it among spectators. The model is expected to engage them in conversation about what she is wearing.
Afterward the garment is put in a garden or park to decompose naturally.

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