Thursday, June 30, 2011

On socializing

I've always enjoyed my alone time so being in Peace Corps is not too difficult for me. In Peace Corps we spend a lot of time alone. Eating alone, sleeping alone, watching TV or movies alone. We all spend days and weeks and even months without much social interaction. For sure not with other Americans.

That being said I have noticed my endurance during social situations get less and less. Whenever a lot of volunteers get together at a training or a big event, like the one I just went to, the beginning is very strong and happy. Everyone is very excited to see each other so it produces a hard and fast natural high. After everyone comes down from that and people start settling into their own smaller groups it starts to get a little more lonely at these events.

I usually feel weird when everyone fits into groups and I'm not sure exactly where I want to fit in. The attention I get goes from large surge to lower and lower as the event passes. And subconsciously, like a small child, I want more attention than I sometimes get.

But what also happens is that after some time with this many people, after being used to being alone, I crave alone time again. I find myself finding reasons to be off alone and being fine with it.

By the time these events are over I am ready to decompress in my own apartment. It's such a strange juxtaposition here in Peace Corps life with socializing. I do crave to get back to a life where there is a better balance between too much and too little.

 The time for me to work at summer camp has arrived. So I will be taking a two week hiatus from this blog. I won't have my computer with me nor will I have the time to write daily. Rest assured that when I get back I will be full of stories to tell about the fun, exciting, exhausting, interesting, and laughter filled days and nights of summer camp.

In the meantime if you haven't already and you are missing my writing, take a look at my creative writing tab on the top of this blog, or take a look at my poetry by clicking the link under labels along the right column. Also listen to my radio features or news demo.

Enjoy your 4th of July! Happy birthday America!