Monday, June 20, 2011

Google's true colors

Google has been showing its true colors this month, which is Gay and Lesbian Pride month.

A six-color rainbow, which is the symbol for gay pride should appear at the end of the search bar when a user searches "gay", "lesbian", "transgender" or any related terms.

Gay rights is a high profile issue that Google has decided to take a stand on, but the company does not usually make statements regarding social issues.

Last month Google took part in the "It Gets Better Project" by creating a 90-second TV ad that ran during an episode of "Glee". The campaign is to encourage gay,  bisexual, lesbian, and transgender teens to not let themselves be victimized by bullies. It grew from last falls wave of gay teen suicides.

Other big companies have contributed to the project like Apple, Dell, Microsoft, and Pixar.

Take a look at Google's ad here. And search It Gets Better Project on youtube for even more ads.