Friday, June 17, 2011

Escaped convict knocks on wrong door

If you plan to escape from prison be careful which door you knock on looking for a phone.

39-year-old James Edward Russell got out of the Washington state penitentiary this Tuesday morning, authorities say.

The next day Russell, still in his prison uniform, knocked on a door of a cabin that happened to be the home of an off duty guard at the very prison where he was serving time.

Department of Corrections spokesman Chad Lewis said that after a scuffle Russell ran off again, but was caught hours later when the unnamed guard reported the incident.

Russell is serving time for forgery and theft and maybe now more time for attempted escape.

If you plan to escape from prison I think you're on your own. Maybe try to secure your own cell phone so you don't have to try and use others'. And you better wear your walking shoes. Having grown up near a prison I've seen this sign many times.