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Where without Peace Corps?

Just lately I began to think about who and where I would be  right now if I hadn’t joined the Peace Corps. To be honest the thought  scares me. The Peace Corps was the first thing that I really wanted with all my heart and worked hard to get. If I hadn’t of made it here I would have always been forced to wonder “what if.” I think back to myself in 2005, pre-Peace Corps dream, and my life had far less direction than it did now. I mean I was only 19 but still I feel so amazing knowing where I am going and what I want.

In mid-2006, when I first began to have this dream, a fire was started inside of me. I constantly thought about what being in the Peace Corps would be like. I directed my studies, my free time, and my work towards getting this dream. I even ran at the gym with imagined images  in my head of the Peace Corps experience for added motivation.

When I began the application process in fall 2008 some of the real work and endurance began. I had to prove to both myself and the Peace Corps that I wanted this bad enough through the trying process. And although frustrating I never faltered and drove forward with the same drive that keep me going today.

The person that the dream has made me into is exactly that person that I want to be. The person I always knew I was. I am happy that I was given the opportunity to let that person come out from underneath. The challenges that I have faced here have prepared me for close to anything.

I’m not to sure where I would be today if I were not here. I’ve always been a dreamer so I think if not here I would hopefully be chipping away at other dream I might have thought up. I feel more comfortable having goals to work towards and having one of my goals checked off so early in my life proves to me that dreams really come true.

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