Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tip Tuesday

Welcome to my new series called Tip Tuesday. Each Tuesday I will put together a few “tips” for you that I have found particularly interesting and helpful. Look for a variety of subjects including, money saving, health, exercise, happiness, and more.

Today’s tips:

1. How to remember an ATM pin code

Making a difficult to hack pin code can also make it difficult for you to remember, but this tip from First Magazine makes it as simple as checking your cell phone. Create a fake contact in your cell phone with the last four digits as your pin. Then save that contact under a name whose initials read PIN. Such as Peter I. North.

2. Create an ice pack for pennies

Again from First Magazine they suggest using a clean kitchen sponge. Cut the sponge in half and saturate both ends with equal parts water and rubbing alcohol. Seal them in plastic bags, squeeze out the excess air, and freeze. The alcohol prevents the sponge from freezing solid so it can be wrapped around any injury and refrozen again and again.

3. A nutritious drink for plants

From Lifehackary.com, after boiling potatoes or pasta, cool the water, and pour it on your household plants. The water contains nutrients that the plants can really use.