Saturday, May 7, 2011

An online kissing machine?

Welcome to a world with a cyber kissing booth. One Japanese lab has created the technology that will let you "French kiss" someone over the Internet.

The kiss is actually a plastic straw that when you wiggle your tongue  on it will make another plastic straw mimic the motions on the other persons' end.
Whatever turns you on.

Tokyo's Kajimoto Laboratory says that this is just the start of what could turn into a full on person-to-person experience over the Web.

Once you create the movements with your own tongue the computer stores those movements then later can be transferred over the Internet.  By saving the motions the same kiss can be shared again and again.

The technology is being formed to ease the longing of long-distance couples. As real as this lab can make a virtual kiss it still won't be like the real thing.

The idea goes even farther by suggesting that if you stored the kiss information of many sought after celebrities you could transfer the experience to adoring fans.  I can see it now. hits the Web and after buying your own kissing machine you can kiss your favorite celeb, all from the comfort of your own computer.