Thursday, May 5, 2011

New things

If you haven't noticed already please take a look at some new elements to this blog.

In the far right tab I have posted a short story that I wrote and would love constructive feedback. It is hosted on Google Docs so once you open the page you could bookmark it if you'd like to read it little by little. It will take about 20-30 minutes to read.

Also notice the new widget I added at the bottom of the side column. It's a quick and free way to turn Word files into PDFs. Just put in the file and your email and in seconds the PDF version will be emailed to you. If you already have a google account it will be placed directly in Google Docs where you can easily save and share it. You can also download a copy to your computer. Don't worry you won't get any junk email, I've already used it many times.

Having a file in PDF form can be very helpful when sending resumes, cover letters, or any document really. While people have different versions of software sometimes the integrity of your document can be compromised when it is opened on another computer. The margins or font can be thrown off. Mostly all computers can open PDF files and in a PDF your information is saved just as it was on your computer.