Friday, April 29, 2011

Peddle your way to power

At one Portland, Oregon gym the energy created from your exercise is what powers your equipment.

By turning work into watts small generators on some of the gyms' cardio equipment provide the energy for t.v. sets and ceiling fans.

Maybe peddling towards the end of a show is exactly the motivation some people need.

The 3-year-old Green Microgym finds other ways to be green by using solar panels, recycled toilet paper, and renewable source flooring. The efforts are very pleasing to it’s 200 green enthusiastic members. 

This gym is not just in the business of green to save themselves some green. According to Kurt Broadhag, an LA health club consultant, it would take 15 years for the pricey equipment to start paying for itself.  Three times longer than the life of the machine.

The effort comes from an attempt to educate people about care of  the environment. With all the steps  taken by this gym it seems they are doing just that. Member Martha Jones also appreciates the supportive atmosphere of the small gym.  

It just shows where technology can take us in our green efforts in the future.