Saturday, April 30, 2011

The not so royal royal wedding

The royal wedding that you won't be reading too much about is one in China. Because it's not exactly royal but rather a replication of the real thing.

Wang Xueqian, the 23-year-old Chinese groom wed his bride, on April 18th,  donning ceremonial garb inspired by the British royals.

After the ceremony, the 50,000 yuan (7,600 dollar) wedding parade involved 50 people, a dozen cars, two horses and a carriage for the couple.

The groom expressed the exotic quality he felt was part of a wedding like this.

Firecrackers were also included, as an essential part of any Chinese celebration, much to the dismay of the horses. After being set off too early the horses pulling the carriage were startled and had to be calmed down by their handlers.

Due to China's economic growth in the past three decades many urban Chinese couples are stepping out of the box and engaging in less that traditional ways of getting hitched.