Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Basketball is up and running

After many roadblocks and much frustration since December 10' we now have our very own place to play basketball at your youth center.

Back in December when we had the idea to start a basketball team we were constantly frustrated while finding (or in our case not finding) a place to hold a practice. There are two public places to play basketball in decent condition. However, the only times we were able to hold practices were during peak times when the space was already filled.

We went another route and tried to get permission to use the basketball court at one of the high schools but, due to liability reasons, that never worked either.

We then moved on to see if we could play at our very own youth center. The place that we work, spend most of our time, and have most control over.

Money was constantly brought up as an obstacle  there. Different figures were thrown around, then no figures, then different figures yet again. Finally, against my better judgment, I decided to front some of the money myself. Along with my sitemate Bradley we gave 200 dirham of our own money between us. This is not something I like to do because I don't like to present myself as a walking ATM who can sweep in and give up the cash whenever something calls for it. I am just a volunteer myself.

We had the basketball poles, backboards, and rims already at our youth center, they just needed to be installed on our open area outside. With the money we paid cement was bought and again after weeks of petty excuses from our director the goals were up.

We have one ball that we are all sharing between us. My hope is that the kids will respect the court, not do anything to harm it, and keep our equipment in good condition.

So far the basketball court has been a place for fun and exercise. It has brought new kids to the center looking for something new and interesting to do. The weather has been fantastic and the days are long. It's never been a better time to enjoy this.