Sunday, March 27, 2011


When we watch the crazy events of the world unfold it’s easy to feel powerless. It’s easy to feel sympathy. It’s easy to feel angry.

These emotions can drive us crazy just like the misfortunes that are happening.

For me, in these situations, I choose to take it as another opportunity to be thankful for what I have.

Being thankful is truly what grounds me. It is the center of my spirituality. I don’t take the fact that I have health, a supportive family, a good education, and all my basic needs met very lightly. I know how simple it is to have something taken away.

As America changes while I am gone it’s easy to panic. It’s not difficult to see injustices happening and we wonder what we can do about them.

I know that I have a lot and I know that I can share that. It’s what I know I can do to deal with the sadness I might feel toward the things that are happening that are not ok with me. 

I’m not a politician, a celebrity, or a billionaire. But I think I am something better than all those things. I am a simple American citizen, just like so many others. We couldn’t survive without the raw, genuine compassion and assistance that we give each other every day.

When I get back home I am going to continue to be thankful for what I have, especially after living life in a different way. And I am going to continue to give parts of myself to make someones' life a little easier. It makes my heart feel strong and full.