Sunday, March 6, 2011

One unlikely place to rob

Some New Zealand thieves stepped as close to getting caught as a thief can.

They robbed a prison.

The New Plymouth prison, on the west coast of the North Island became a victim of robbery when the thieves broke in just before midnight and made off with a plasma t.v.

The thieves got away.

Sergeant Thomas McIntire asked for any members of the public who saw men carrying around a large t.v., at that time of night,  to immediately alert the police.

It takes a bold thief to rob a prison. If you get caught, you might just be filtered right into your future home, a prison cell.

The New Plymouth Prison is the oldest in operation on the South Pacific island.

A little added research brought me here. This article gives great advice to protect valuables from burglars. While your house may not be as secure as a prison these tips can help deter a break-in.