Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Groom attends wedding via Skype

A California groom was unable to physically attend his own wedding ceremony this weekend due to an unexpected lung infection last week that left him isolated in a hospital ward.

The couple, Samuel Kim and Helen Oh, both 27 had 500 guests coming to their Saturday ceremony. Some from their native Korea and New York.

The groom was initially nervous to tell his fiancé about his symptoms but when he finally did they improvised a solution which would allow the ceremony to still go on.

Kim sat in his hospital bed watching the ceremony take place on his laptop via Skype, which was being filmed by five camera men. The presentation included split screen images and the an audio crew that alerted Kim before his face was to appear on screen.

Guests expressed their admiration of the bride for being able to stand at the alter alone and hold herself together, despite her unusual wedding ceremony.

Kim surprised his new wife with tickets to Europe where they will honeymoon in Paris and Prague once his lung infection clears up. 

Oh said she doesn’t credit Skype solely for her successful ceremony. She also credits God for her wedding success.