Friday, February 25, 2011

Online courses

I just found the coolest thing. None too soon. Just the other day I said to my sister Rababe that I miss college classes. Yes, maybe that's a little weird because at the end I was happy to get out. But my thirst for knowledge hasn't changed that is why I think I feel the craving for the focus that a college class brings.

Reading an article on Readers Digest' website I found out that there are many ways to be a part of college course, completely free of charge, all online.

It lead me to You can choose from courses from 15 different universities including Yale, UCLA, and Michigan. Or you can choose courses by subject.

Once you pick a subject and then a course you will find the course syllabus, description, and all the lectures included in the course in video form you watch right on the site.

I might take advantage of the free time I have to work myself through an online course. I won't be receiving credit at the end, but I will have what is most important, some new knowledge.