Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Heroic pizza delivery driver

A woman’s love for pizza and some very loyal Domino’s employees may be responsible for saving her life.

82-year-old Jean Wilson of Memphis is a daily caller to the local Domino’s restaurant. Assistant Manager Dale Rosado said she was always the first call of the day.

But when her daily order of a large thin crust pepperoni pizza with two diet cokes didn’t come in Saturday, Sunday, or Monday delivery driver Susan Guy grew concerned.

Guy decided to visit Wilson’s house and after knocking on all the windows and hearing no response she called 911.

Wilson had fallen on Saturday and was unable to get up or reach a phone. She would lay trapped and helpless until Monday morning when Guy’s concerned visit would bring paramedics to her house.

Wilson is in stable non-critical condition at local Saint Francis hospital although a spokesperson said she is a little shaken up.

Guy doesn’t consider herself a hero but just a regular pizza delivery driver. She joked that she would make a pizza and take it to Wilson in the hospital.