Saturday, February 26, 2011

The fantastic

It's time for me to plug the gem that I have been obsessing over for a while. It is none other than a wedding blog produced by a former journalism schoolmate of mine, Rhiannon. She is a new business owner paving her way through the wedding planning world.

On Hey Gorgeous many of the recent entries have focused on Rhiannon's very own phenomenal wedding that took place last September. If you are soon to be married or like me, just a girl who loves looking at pretty pictures and carefully executed details, you should find the time to browse

Earlier entries chronically Rhiannon's successes in planning her  wedding and can offer ideas and inspirations for a wedding of your own. You can find DIY projects that can be done cheap as Rhiannon has an eye for a bargain!

Be sure to explore the tabs at the top of the blog where you will find recipes from Rhiannon, who loves baking and sweet treats.

Make your way around this site and click on the many links embedded in the entries and you will soon be wound into a labyrinth of wedding bliss.