Sunday, January 30, 2011

To the country

My friend Soukaina has a farm that has been in her family for generations. It is just about three miles out of town. She had been wanting to take me there for a few weeks now. Last week we had decided to go on Thursday but we got rained out. We then decided to try to go Sunday considering there was no rain.

I got up early this morning at seven to prepare to head out. Soukaina said we would be riding bikes to the country. This idea excited me very much and I was happy to have the exercise. 

We started biking at eight. The weather was ideal. It was a nice view on a road I had never been on before.

My town is surround by farmland. On the roads between cities it is nothing but wide open spaces. But the road to Zoukaina’s farm  just felt different. The road was very small and narrow, with very muddy  shoulders. I felt like there was more trees than I was used to seeing and for some reason it felt secluded and private. The road lead to no other cities so there was hardly any traffic.

 We got to Zoukaina’s farm and as she opened the handmade gate we were greeted by a friendly dog. I was so excited by this because it was the first time since being in Morocco that I was able to pet or even get close to a dog. There are plenty of dogs in Morocco but they are strays and you never can tell what they might do. I was so happy to be near such a cute dog.

As we walked farther I noticed that the dog was not alone. We were then greeted by a whole slew of other farm animals. Ducks, geese, chickens, one very boastful turkey, and two gorgeous peacocks. It was fun seeing all the animals and I felt like a kid in a petting zoo.

I knew she had horses there and I was excited to see them too. Like with dogs most of the horses I see in Morocco are dirty, mistreated, and not properly looked after.  I was happy to see some beautiful horses whose owners actually care for them and give them the proper lifestyle they deserve. There was a small one just ten months old, who took a few moments to warm up to me. But his older brother liked my instantly, wanting more and more attention.

After spending some time with the horses we had some tea made for us by the caretaker of the family farm. The temperature was a bit chilly so the warm tea really hit the spot.

Zoukaina took me on a walking tour around the farm. It was so green and lush,  I really did feel right at home. The smell was so fresh and I knew the air was clean. It was nice not to have to look at any trash on the ground.  I enjoyed having  a leisurely  walk, something I can’t do here in town. We talked about lots of things. I enjoy talking to her so much because she is just like a friend from home.

She showed me every thing the farm has to offer. They have bees to make honey and olive trees for olive oil.

We decided to call a taxi to drive us home because by 1:30 it was raining. I was sent home with a bag of fresh country eggs.

I hope to return soon because it was a relaxing time in such a beautiful place.