Thursday, January 27, 2011


I got to feel like a teenager again the other night when I had a sleepover with Jolie and 4 girls from our towns. Two of Jolie’s host sisters, their friend, and my sister all became friends last August when they went to summer camp together.

I had the idea to reunite them and show them the tradition of a sleepover and now seemed the perfect time as they are having their mid school year break. We gathered at Jolie’s host family’s house in Ben Ahmed.

We got together at about 4:30 and sat around catching up for a while. Afterward we went on a walking tour of town checking out the nightlife. It is not often that I can comfortably walk around at night so I was happy to have the opportunity having 5 other girls with me.

We played a quick game of tag in one of the gardens and then continued on our way. My sister Rababe got to see a new town she had never been to before and I got to see new parts that I hadn’t yet been shown.

When we came home be busted out the junk food. Cake, chips, cookies, and candy. Since I don’t eat this stuff very often my stomach always goes crazy when I do. Slightly painful but worth it.

For movie time the girls decided on 50 First Dates. It actually wasn’t the only Adam Sandler movie to come up in the selection process, I was proud of them for their good taste.

All four girls understand and speak English very well so they enjoyed the movie thoroughly, laughing at all the greatest parts.

We started a second movie but as all our soldiers dropped off one by one we decided to put the rest off until morning.

We woke up and had some breakfast together followed by an interesting game of Truth. Meanwhile we made friendship bracelets as a souvenir for the party.

I had a lot of fun, a lot of laughs, and a lot of comfortable relaxation. It is something that I am hoping is not a one time ordeal.