Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Man wants refund on stripper

Is it time to start instigating a money back guarantee on strippers?

Hubert Blackman, of New York City apparently thinks so. He wants his $275 payment returned for the alleged distress he was caused when the escort he ordered did not carry out the full hour he was promised.

Oh and he wants 1.8 million in damages.

As reported by the Las Vegas Sun, Blackman was vacationing there in December when he ordered the stripper. He got a $155 lap dance and a $120 sex act. Not a cheap date.

Now the college student is suing Las Vegas Exclusive Personals due to his dissatisfaction.

He also told the company he was drunk at the time and not able to make an informed agreement with the stripper. He is not helping his case.

When he reported the incident and the company refused his refund, he called the police, who in turn threatened to bust him for prostitution.

He might do well to quietly exit from the situation to prevent any further embarrassment.

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