Friday, January 7, 2011

The little moments that keep me strong

Some days I have to cling to the little moments that give me happiness or least of all a smile. Things that make me feel less alien here. Moments when compassion is shown or innocence.

There is this young guy who works in a copy shop that I pass almost every time I go out. He has been genuinely friendly to me from the day I first saw him. The friendly wave I share with him daily is always nice.

A lot of the women on the streets are not friendly and sometimes I feel they are tearing holes in my body with their stares. But sometimes I get a sweet and genuine smile out of one of them.

One recent day in particular when I wasn’t having the greatest time I caught eyes with a woman working in a bakery that I pass on the way to the post office. I smiled large at her. She seemed honored by the gesture and smiled widely back.

The same thing happened with a girl who works in a teleboutique. I started smiling at her as I pasted each day because she looked friendly. Pretty soon I began to stop there to speak with her. Now I can call us friends.

I also enjoy the moments here with men when they are not making me feel like nothing but an object for them to look at. These mostly come from shop owners or vegetable guys. I can appreciate being looked at as someone they want to help or take care of.

A lot of little kids here running around in the streets just hope to wreak havoc on my life and get under my skin. Of course little kids aren’t scary but when a swarming pack of several of them start coming your way it’s best to steer clear. But not all the kids are like this. I can more than appreciate a sweet and respectful young child. Just the other night in the youth center I had a newcomer to my game night and sometimes newcomers can be explosive but in this boys case he wasn’t. He had an innocent face and calm demeanor. I played some games with him and he seemed happy and grateful to be there. I enjoyed listening to him laugh.