Food fads

Food Fads? Guess I didn’t know there could be such a thing. But with everything in life, things come and things go.

I though food would be different. The life sustaining thing that we would be doomed without.

We have more choices now-a-days then we ever have had so maybe that is bound to create front runners and others who lag behind.

Eatingwell Magazine put together a list of food fads for 2011 and highlighted those that are trending up and trending down.

Many of us have fallen victim to trends in food. Trans fat free, organics, 100 calorie packs. We check out the new labels in hopes that new foods are going to be better for us and to feel less guilty about eating foods that we know are junk.

Allow me to get you up to speed on this years food fads:

1. Super fruits
Trending: Down

2. Gluten-free diets
Trending: Up

3. Street food
Trending: Up

4. Omega-3s
Trending: Up

5. Cupcakes
Trending: Down

6. Meatless meals
Trending: Up

7. Probiotics
Trending: Up

8. Growing your own
Trending: Up

9. Bacon
Trending: Down

10. Simpler, more wholesome food
Trending: Up

Just like fannie packs and leggings foods seem to go in and out of style, as this list claims. But a classic little black dress never dies.

In the case of food the little black dress is number ten and I think we would all look good wearing one of those.

Please read the full explanation of all these food fads in the original article.

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