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The person you want to be

“You have to start living the life of the person you want to be.”-A line from a Mad Men episode years ago.

I’ve already started. Being a Peace Corps volunteer is something that I think I was always fated to be. And it’s making me into the person I always knew was waiting inside. I think I know who I want to be but sometimes it’s easy to become torn. Part of me is looking for things that I know are hidden in unseen nooks and crannies of the world. But part of me is just looking for the comfort of that which is known. I’ve already headed out into the big unknown and it’s anything but comfortable. To me the unknown isn’t a place I can go to for myself but rather for others. As a journalist I wish to journey there to find those people in places where no one bothers to look but should. I could find a job where I choose to exist only in the known and in comfort. But will I be fulfilled, will my heart beat strong with passion? Hopefully my life will take many turns as a good life should. And maybe the person I want to be is many kinds of a person. Life will always be calling me and I hope I am able to go where it takes to answer.

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  1. Hey Alex,

    My name is Rachel Rutter and I'm currently a senior in college in Gettysburg, PA. I stumbled upon your blog about your experience in Morocco and was hoping you could answer some questions for me about the Peace Corps. I am considering the Peace Corps for after graduation because I feel like God might be leading me in that direction, but am not quite sure and am simultaneously very anxious and also very excited about the prospect of going. I've lived abroad before but only for a couple of months, so my biggest hangup about it is leaving my family for such a long time. I was wondering if you could answer some questions for me that might help me in my decision.

    What is a typical day like for you? Do you have regular internet/phone access? What is the biggest challenge so far? Do you recommend the experience? In hindsight, would you go again if you had the choice? How hard is it to keep in touch? How do vacation days work? (ie, could I save them up and go home for Christmas or something like that?)

    Any advice you have would be sooo greatly appreciated. Thank you :) I will be keeping you and your experience in Morocco in my prayers!!

    Love, Rachel

    PS, my e-mail is if that's easier :)


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