Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween in El Gara

Last night I had a small Halloween party with the kids at my youth center. Halloween is not celebrated in Morocco so it’s a fun opportunity to share one of my favorite elements of American culture. First off the kids colored masks to wear as costumes or had their faces painted. After about an hour we started the games. We started with the traditional Halloween favorite, bobbing for apples. Moroccans have never done this before, so watching them do it for the first time is quite funny. In the first round it took a little while to get an apple so I was nervous the kids wouldn’t get it, but soon enough we had good contest going and the kids were loving it. Afterward we played musical chairs which the kids love. We danced around the circle of chairs to the most famous Halloween tunes. Later we played hide and seek in the dark and the kids were really enthusiastic about that. I ended the night by teaching them all how to say trick or treat and I walked around giving them all candy. I love hearing those words come from kids and it made me feel like I was on my own front porch giving out candy to trick or treaters.

The party was as much of a success as it could me. I was happy that it went well and I was able to do something totally new with the kids. Hopefully it will leave them with some memories for years to come.