Saturday, October 16, 2010

After 2 weeks

Two full weeks of my programs have gone by and myself and my students are still having fun. I've built up a very loyal following and newcomers show up all the time. I enjoy so much spending time with these kids because they are loyal, respectful, attentive, and generous. If the kids are learning they are surely not the only ones. I am learning so much about multitasking, going with the flow, patience, and stress management. At any given moment I have three or more kids calling my name asking a question about a game, about English, or just wanting me to play with them. Moroccan's also have no problem getting close. On many occasions I have to tell the kids who end up crowding me to back up and give me some space. But through all this madness I am learning how to take tasks on one by one amidst a chaotic situation. When I leave I take a deep breathe and leave it behind me. But I really would have it no other way, because the stresses are worth the rewards.

Lots of wonderful artists

A perfect likeness of me, even down to the Chacos

The start of our world map project, hopefully we will get the rest going soon