Saturday, September 4, 2010

Tonight We See the Same Moon

Miles may be between us,
an ocean may separate our hearts.
Two different lands may we stand upon,
but tonight we see the same moon.

Our typography may differ,
the words we speak may vary,
the stars we see may be diversely aligned,
but tonight we see the same moon.

An opposite routine we may face,
an opposing normalcy we may endure,
a day full of differences we may experience,
but tonight we see the same moon.

No distance changes it shape,
changes its light,
or it’s allure.

Strange as I may feel, alone in my day,
I get though to the evening to look the moon in the face.
The face that looks down upon me is the same that looks down upon you.
The face that remains the same.

Tonight look to the moon and think of me.
As I am doing the same.