Sunday, August 22, 2010

Camp and techno

Any of you who know me well will understand me when I saw how much I loved the music played at camp. The camp DJ played techno music 98% pf the time. For every night activity we had music to keep the energy and it was hard pumping, bass filled techno music-always.

One thing I love about Moroccans is that they love techno. That comes from the European influences because they are so close. Mostly all the campers could not keep still as the bass was pumping and with each song lots of body shaking was being done. Whenever music was being played it turned into a dance party but the actual night we designated to be the dance party was Wednesday. Armed with lots of techno the DJ started playing songs which the kids loved. Of course I was in my own personal heaven listening to song after song of electronic sounds and increasing beats.

Most of the kids completely owned all their dance moves and were free to dance how they wanted and how they loved to. The energy was so high and everyone was just concentrating on having fun with everyone else. I enjoyed everybody’s unique and individual style of dancing.

As I live my life here focused on the differences between men, and women and forced to view the distance between them, it is really a pleasure to be in a room full of boys and girls together comfortably knowing there is nothing wrong with it. When I live my life seeing women being disrespected daily I very much enjoy an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding. The time at the dance was so innocent and I saw no one do or say anything that was inappropriate. I was reminded of my days at middle school dances.

In a life where everything feels abnormal it’s nice to have some normalcy once in a while.