Friday, June 4, 2010

This is the life

I finally had my first “ahh this is the life” moment here in Morocco. Please follow me as I take you there too.

Earlier this week as you read before I was in Marrakesh for my birthday. This moment happened when I was in Marrakesh again for the second time in one week. Myself and the other volunteers in the Marrakesh consolidation region were expected to report for a meeting and a practice consolidation that would prepare us for the event of a real emergency. Most of the volunteers were not meeting until five pm but I arrived in town about five hours early as I was traveling part of the way with a friend.

I arrived at the hotel, the same one that I stayed in earlier that week, and got myself a room. I packed myself a lunch and planned to go straight up to the hotel’s roof to have my own little picnic lunch. I climbed the ocean blue tiled stairs to the roof and found myself the shadiest table on the roof. I was completely alone in this small, yet, beautiful and open space. I got out my sandwich began to eat it and looking around, I couldn’t help but here in my head “ahh this is the life.”

Here I was alone to relax, reflect, and breathe deep. The elaborate tile floor is always something to admire and gaze at. And the well taken care of flowers and plants create a garden like atmosphere. I was safe there away from all the crowed trains, men staring, and crazy driving.

It’s moments like these I realize how lucky I am. I am 24 years old and on a Friday afternoon I am relaxing on a roof in Marrakesh, Morocco, left alone to take in the world.