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Illegal in Morocco

There are some things that are illegal in Morocco that I don't agree with. But as I go through daily life I observe things that OUGHT to be illegal but are NOT. Here is my list thus far, stay tuned for updates.

1. Playing personal music from your cell phone loud enough for the whole train compartment to hear.

2. Cutting in line. (No I really won't give this one up.)

3. Picking your nose in public. (And no not discreetly , I'm talking about digging for gold here people.)

4.Wearing a baseball hat over a headscarf. (Yes it may be functional, but I just can't think of anything less fashionable.)

5. Boys wearing pants that have 3 more zippers than necessary, too many pockets, and are so tight I couldn't even squeeze into them.

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  1. funny list i used to make jokes about some of this habbits with friends, but to hear it from non-moroccan that's hurt a little bit
    but u made me laugh anyway:)
    just i'm not okay with the number 4,
    I think that i'll make my top 5 list too :D
    BTW : and i'm digging for gold while thinking :)

    there's no RSS link for this blog ? or twitter account ?


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