Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Birthday in Morocco

My birthday in Morocco was one of the better birthdays I have had in a few years and I know will be quite a memorable one. I spent the weekend before celebrating with some of my fellow volunteers who also have May birthdays, in Marrakech. It is a place volunteers go to party and have a good time as it is one of the main tourists destinations in Morocco and there is a lot of fun to be had there.

We stayed in a cheaply priced but very nice hotel, did some shopping, and ate food that we don’t always have access to.

I spent more money than I needed to on food. But that is the lure of the big city you have so many choices of foods you often miss. . Some of us decided to have pizza for lunch. Pizza Hut to be exact. I realized it was worth the money the second I took the first bite. The chewy, rubbery cheese, and crispy pepperoni transported me back home. Later that night after a couple beers at pub some people were talking about going for sushi. I originally wanted to opt out since I had splurged on the pizza but then I decided to treat myself for my birthday. It was my first sushi in eight months and again it was very worth the money.

The next day which was my actual birthday I traveled home. Later that evening my family said they wanted to celebrate with me. I waited for the kids to get home and when they did they brought out a cake for me complete with candles. They also had my favorite Moroccan treat, a sugary pastry like thing called schbeckya. A couple of family friends were over who wanted to help make my birthday special. I got a few gifts from everyone which I didn’t expect, but made me feel even more loved. It was short but sweet party that I won’t soon forget.