Tuesday, January 19, 2010

View from the Top

In every city that I’ve lived I have a spot. A spot that I love to go to relax, read, think, and just pass the time. I have been searching for a spot like that here in my new city in Morocco and I believe now I’ve found it.
I have access to a roof in my apartment and it is a great place to go for fresh air and sun which is also private. I share it with the two other tenants in the my building. The roof is completely enclosed, without a top of course, so even though there is sun out there, there really is no view. The walls are high and it just feels like an outdoor room. There is only a small corner that receives direct sunlight.
Beyond the roof there are the actual tops of the buildings, which are all flat. Listening to my inner child I decided I wanted to climb up and explore the top of the building. The other day. I stepped on a chair then on top of the wooden window shutter of my kitchen window carefully hoisted myself up. At this time it was just before dusk and the moment I stepped up I felt like I had entered a whole new world. I saw a view of the city I had never seen before and I could see for miles. I felt like I was the only person in the world for those few moments because I was completely along up there and there was no way anyone could see me. I felt so free and so rich to have such a wonderful view to be able to see. Americans love privacy I have found. It’s clear to me now living in a culture where there is almost no privacy or personal space. That’s why I want to find private places like this because when I am out on the streets I live in a fish bowl.
I plan to climb up there a lot to catch some rays in privacy admire the stars and night and feel free as a bird.