Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Far Away Handyman

One of the most unfortunate things about living on my own, far from home, is the fact that my dad is far away. Being a girl, whenever I have a problem, I call on my dad. Problems with my car or my sink, or anything that requires handy work, my dad was always a phone call away. But here in Morocco by dad can’t help me, at least not physically.
After one week in my new apartment problems started coming out of the woodwork. My kitchen sink clogged, my bathroom sink clogged, and my Turkish toilet clogged. I do not consider myself very handy and have never fixed neither a sink nor a toilet so I wasn’t too confident that I could fix this problem myself. I wanted nothing more than to call my dad to come over and find a way to make the problems go away. He tried to give me advice over Skype but it just isn’t the same.
So being on my own I have to do whatever it take to get the job done. I lucky have wonderful downstairs neighbors, who have become my family, who I expressed my problems to. After these problems existing for over a week, today I put my foot down and decided that I was really going to explain how urgent this matter was to address. They came upstairs to have a look and the situation. The woman, Fatha, quickly took charge of the situation and said the pipe and the trap underneath the kitchen sink needed to be cleaned, same with the bathroom. The two of them went to work while I could only stand back and watch, as they insisted on doing it for me. Fatha also had the idea of pouring lots and lots of water down the Turkish toilet, an idea I kept away from for fear of a massive overflow and mess. After two full buckets down the toilet the blockage was gone. If I had only known it was that easy.
I’m hoping that by being here I will gain skills to be more handy around the house. But I will admit it will be nice when I am able to call on my dad again to fix all of life’s little glitches!