Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Photos Screamed at Me

Tonight my photos screamed at me.
But of course they didn’t make a sound.
They told me things over and over that I already knew.
So many messages contained in such a simple image.
They told me how lucky I was, how downright blessed I am.
They grabbed me and held me so tight I had to struggle to break free.
But I didn’t want to break free.
I wanted to stay attached to the memories of my past moments.
I wanted to stay lost in the images of the faces.
The faces that are perfect and could have no flaw.
I will always hold tight and never let go.
Never let go with my heart.
There’s a glue that bonds my heart to yours.
And it’s the strongest substance in the world.
It’s name is friendship.
Friends are family that you chose yourself.
The choices are always made carefully.
The time within the friendship happens without effort.
It’s the easiest thing imaginable to give.
The time is given willingly.
It is so meaningful.
It is given without strategy, agenda, or desire.
It’s love.