Monday, December 28, 2009

I am finally home

The day I have been waiting for since September has finally come. I am the proud owner of my very own apartment and I am all moved in! I can happily say that all my clothes are finally now in all their very own spots in my built in closet and I feel so much more freedom due to this fact. Little by little I am making purchases to make this place my own. It is the first time I have had to buy myself all sorts of household goods and it is a lot of fun. I know I am going to be very happy here because I feel so much peace. I am always at ease. There is not a lot of noise and I feel I can finally relax. I will no longer hear a knock at my bedroom door at 10:00 pm being told it’s time for dinner or be asked to go places I don’t really want to go. Now I can eat my breakfast, lunch, and dinner whenever I feel hungry and make what pleases me. I can come and go as I please and not have to constantly inform someone of my whereabouts. I love the freedom of being able to express myself here. I have already put up large maps of Morocco, the world, Michigan State University, and the greater Lansing area. I even have a framed picture of my beloved president and an American flag beneath him.
A part of being a Peace Corps volunteer that you don’t exactly think about is learning the skill of being self-sufficient. Back home for the past 3 years I lived away from my parents. I lived in an apartment for 1 year, having to pay bills and cook for myself but it really doesn’t come close to this. Here in Morocco I have rented an apartment, picked out things I need for it, and made it my home all in another culture and language. Aside from any work I do here, I already feel accomplished having done this. It feels good to finally be on my own because I feel so much more responsibility for myself and I feel like my life in finally back in my control. Things are going to be different from here on out. I already feel so much more stability and strength. Doing my job effectively will now be easier because I have such a wonderful place to prepare myself and to distress when I need it.