Sunday, November 29, 2009


Trying to adjust to live in a new country, submerged waist deep into a different culture, is hard to do. There are days of wonderment and there are days of puzzlement. I have been here for now for nearly 12 weeks and the battle of adjustment is far from over. Who’s to say I will ever be adjusted? Currently I am trying to get to a place of comfort in my life here. After two weeks in my final site I am slowly but surely doing the things to make this city my home. I have already found some amazing local friends who want to help me in my quest for success here. I have found a wonderful apartment that I fell in love with and hope to turn it into my home. I have begun talks on when and how I will be working in this city. Days are good and days are bad. Sometimes days go back and forth. One hour could be wonderful and the next not so much. I have been exploring and making my presence in the city known. My presence is surely an interesting one. People like to stare at me and very often yell things at me, none of which I understand. It’s hard to tell for sure who is trying to genuinely greet me and who is trying to hassle me. But I feel my instincts are on high alert here. I can usually sense a genuine person from a fake one. The more I look the more difference find in Moroccan and American cultures. It can be so small as eating meals at different times of day to as large as differences relationships between men and women. I came here to see these differences. I feel I have been blessed with an open mind and that is what is making me able to accept these differences. I know I can’t always expect everyone to be as open-minded as I have been. I plan to be who I am while I am here and not hide where I came from. I can’t apologize for the way I am and the country I call home. The reason that I am here is to promote peace, friendship, and hopefully some understanding.