Monday, October 12, 2009

A step foward with Darija

Today which is a Sunday I feel I took one step forward with my learning of Darija (Moroccan Arabic). Sunday’s are like gold to me. After I get over the sadness of not being able to watch Sunday Morning with dad on CBS I try my best to get to work. Sunday is a full day off and it is so useful to have a review session on what we have learned thus far. On this particular Sunday I slept til 9 then had breakfast with my family. Then I got on my computer and worked on a poem for myself after which I gave in to my desire to go back to sleep. I slept for about another hour then got down to business. I hooked up speakers to my computer and put on my own music in order to drown out the Moroccan music playing from the t.v. in the next room. I made a list of the material I feel I need to cover then I buried my nose in my book. Today for instance I have gone over telling time, buying things at a store, how to get a taxi, and how to make verbs past and present tense. After 4 weeks of daily language classes I feel I have a firm handle on most of the concepts we have covered. On paper everything makes sense. I am reminded now of my days in my high school German class were we would work for a half hour to put together a paragraph that a 2nd grader could write. But when we were done we were so proud of our work. The same is happening in Darija. I am able to express myself in the past and present tense-on paper at least. J When it comes time to come up with these things in real conversations, it’s not so easy. However, if this is as far as I can come in 4 weeks under this amount of stress I am happy.