Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Site Placement

So it was a big day for everyone! We got our final site placements today. Everyone was so excited and anxious to hear where they would be placed. Our programming staff slowly handed out envelopes to everyone in the room. They told everyone to wait until all had been handed out to open them. I was the last to get mine so I was freaking out that they had forgotten mine! But on the count of three we all tore into our envelopes. It was really anti-climatic because not many of us even recognized any of the city names. But then the pulled out the map and we all ran to it to look where all the pins were stuck. Seeing where the pins were in relation to others really helped put everything in perspective. I will be living and working for the next two years in El Gara, Morocco! You will find El Gara about 50 km east of Casablanca. It is also really close to Rabat, Morocco’s capitol. I have a few people near me. One married couple, Chris and Jolie, are about 20 minutes from me and Alli is probably 30 minutes. I am not near any of my friends in the Small Business Development sector which makes me sad. We have 2 weeks of pre-service training left then on November 9th we will go back to Mehdia, where we first started for some more group training. On November 12th we will travel to Rabat for our swearing in ceremony and a night in the capitol! The following morning we will all split up and go to our final sites. At this point we will be little birds leaving the nest and can hopefully survive.