Friday, October 2, 2009

My Fight Responce

Just earlier this evening Donneill, Yorda, and I were walking back to our hotel from shopping after dark in Azrou, which is a pretty large city. Out of nowhere a man grabbed Yorda's arm and attempted to pull her away from us. The funny thing is this was Brenden, another member of our training group. He was just messing around but both Yorda and I didn't know it was him until after we looked closer. The whole thing happend in about a half a second but in that half second I put myself between this "mystery person" and Yorda. I sheilded Yorda from this person who I thought was trying to harm her. Even though it scared us and we wern't exactly happy that Brenden did this, I was pleased to find out that if that situation were real I would have defended myself or someone else close to me.