Friday, October 30, 2009

More about site

So when I wrote that last entry I completely forgot to mention the part where Amina, youth development programming assistant, brought out a small duffle bag. She joked and said that there are sites written on pieces of paper in there and that we would draw for them. But when she unzipped it everyone went into a frenzy. She started throwing bags of fun size Snickers, Twix, and gummy bears at us. One actually hit me straight in the head, but it was worth it. We all screamed like it was Christmas morning. Amina is one of the most kind hearted and sweet women I have met here so far. Every time you see her she most likely has candy for you and anything you have to say she will understand. The other part of the “A-Team” as we call them is a man named Abdelghani. (Say it with me Ab-del-gan-ee). The two of them are a riot together. They are the ones responsible for developing the sites we go to and placing us in them. They are really like our first supervisors and if we have any troubles with our work we go to them.
So like I said before this is a new Peace Corps site. I will have a lot of challenges being the first one there. I know very, very little about this site so I am going in almost blind. There was a time when this would have scared me. But since joining Peace Corps I have quickly learned to deal with and even embrace the unknown. Almost everything with Peace Corps is unknown until you actually have the experience. So in these last two weeks of training I could be losing sleep and driving myself crazy with so many “what ifs” but I know it will do no good. I want to enjoy my last couple of weeks in Lakbab, with my friends and my host family. And there will be no way to answer my questions until I arrive in my site. Everything here is subjective. Meaning everyone has their own opinion about everything and everything is what you make it. I have perfected my skill of living in the moment here and “we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it” is a phrase I frequently use. Honestly at this point I am so excited to explore the potential of my site, my new situation, and the potential that is within myself.