Monday, October 12, 2009

The Many Faces

Look life in its face.
Receive it’s rigidness but pursue it gentility
Take what looks back at you for what it is.
Face the present.
Face the silence when no words can be found.
Face volume when the unspoken messages shout.
Face the future.
Not as an ocean of unknowns but a possession to hold and protect.
Face the hope of betterment
Face defeat
Take comfort in its exposure of humanity.
Enjoy the relief that is lack of perfection.
Break down only to be reconstructed by unknown elements.
Use courage to face desires, to entertain them.
Face life that is not just motions, but gripping to the spirit.
Face what you are.
Face what you are not.
Face the hours.
For the hours are where we live.
To look life in the face.
To know at last, what it is.