Saturday, October 3, 2009

Broken heart in October

Thursday marked the start of my favorite month. However, I have quickly found out that October is only my favorite month if I am in America. I feel like my heart is broken because I can not smell the dried leaves in the air and I can not feel the comforting chill of the fall season. I will be missing the repeating horror films on all cable channels that I look forward to watching all year. I will be sad not to see all the spooky decorations that slowly build up on houses. If I could, I would be going to the Michigan Theater only to scream my head off when someone jumps from behind a curtain. I would give anything to be walking through Halloween USA looking at the selection of things to turn you into something else for one night. I will be missing out on the annual trip that mom and I take to Ella Sharp Park for the fall festival. This event is quite often disappointing but I remain optimistic every year. I love walking thorough the park, touring Ella’s house, and eating lunch at the Grainery. If I am feeling brave enough I would join the kids and paint a pumpkin. For those of you who are able to do these things please do them and send a little thought my way.