Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Loved One

I wrote this last night after looking at a picture of my friends and I from home.

Please read this as if it was written for you. I wrote it for everyone I love.

I love you every moment of the day.
I love you even when I’m too busy to think.
When life is too hectic to understand what I feel.
When I’m sitting alone, your love sustains me.
When I’m in a packed room your love keeps me whole.
My heart beats every second for what we have together.
I get up in the morning because I know you exist.
I long to hold you when we are far away.
I baste in the emotion when we are close.
I carry you with me everyday.
My heart is a hotel.
With rooms full of love.
Each occupant no more important than the next.
Each form of love necessary and valuable.
Your support is like armor.
That makes me the strongest woman alive.
You keep me up when I’m down.
You ground me when I am troubled.
I cart our experiences around with joy.
Each one making me different, unique, changed.
I wouldn’t have made any other arrangements if I was given the choice.
You were mine for a reason.
I don’t have to know that reason.
Each moment I am without you I grow to love you more.
In time an ocean of love will come crashing out of me.
I will see you, and I will be complete again.