Tip Tuesday: Febreze for Pennies

I found instructions to make your own Febreze spray. It's simple and a lot cheaper than the real thing. 

What you need:

-A empty spray bottle
-Baking soda
-Liquid fabric softener

Mix 1/8th cup of fabric softener, two tablespoons of baking soda, and warm water (to the top) in your spray bottle.  If you are using a pretty small spray bottle like I did, just cut down the recipe accordingly. 
Give the bottle a good shake before each use and spray clothing, upholstery, and or air. Baking soda is good to absorb odors and of course fabric softener leaves a fresh scent behind. I was pleased with this and definitely think it's just like the real thing. 

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Speak Sweet to Yourself

The more time I spend getting to know myself, the more I learn to appreciate myself. Working for Girl Scouts has taught me a good many things, but in learning the Girl Scout Law I want to reference a specific line from it for the illustration of this point. 

Respect myself and others. 

I'd like to argue that the most important person you respect is yourself. One way of doing that is speaking sweet to yourself. 

I've never been particularly verbally harsh with myself, but now that this is a concept I am beginning to pick up I notice things that I once would say about myself but have begun to refrain from doing. An example  for you: You're looking at a photo of yourself while standing around with a group of people. You're not particularly happy about your weight so you say out loud "I look so fat." Has saying this made you thinner? Has is changed anything about the way people see you? All it's done is shown your own disrespect in yourself. When we stop respecting ourselves we give ourselves reasons to feel like less than we really are. 

Anytime you get the urge to say "I'm so stupid" or "My hair looks disgusting in that photo" just don't say it. Don't let others believe that you think anything less than great things about yourself. Soon perhaps once you stop saying these things you may stop thinking them as well. And just maybe it will become unacceptable for you do think negatively of yourself.

You have to respect yourself fully in order to keep high standards of self-worth. And not let outward things matter like weight, hair, or clothes. Respect yourself, because you are totally worth it.

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Lenten Facebook Fast-1st Day

I will not be posting my feelings everyday through this  journey of no Facebook for Lent, but I do have a couple of starter comments as I begin. 

Last night I deactivated my Facebook account. My information will be saved but I will have to go through my email to reactivated it. Doesn't seem like too much of a cut off but it's a way to keep me from easily logging in. 

I have used a site blocker application on my computer so that I won't be tempted to visit Facebook. It's not that I don't have the will power, but I feel that it is so much of a habit for me that I may try to visit the site without even thinking about it. 

I woke up this morning feeling an odd sense of freedom. Maybe free from a habit that I'm a bit uncomfortable with. It's nice to have a reason to stop, knowing that I wouldn't really be able to stop with no driving reason. 

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Tip Tuesday: Never Ending Dryer Sheets

This is one I found and loved but can't use myself because I don't have a washer and dryer in my home! I just use my parents and didn't want to move this container around.

What you need:
-An airtight container
-2 sponges cut in half, total of 4 pieces
-1 cup liquid fabric softener
-2 cups water

Mix the water and fabric softener in the container and add the 4 small sponges letting the mixture soak into them. When you are ready to use fish one sponge out of the container, squeeze out the excess and toss it in the dryer with wet clothes. When finished put the used sponge back in the container for next time.

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Crochet Update

I've really been cruising on the crochet project I first debuted a couple of weeks ago. You may be surprised by the size of the piece already and I haven't been posting regular updates about it. When I knitted my afghan a couple of years ago, the project took me something like 15 weeks. But this crocheted afghan has been moving so much quicker because there are so fewer stitches involved. 

I've really enjoyed making this blanket and although I'd love to gift it to someone, I want to keep it for myself! Now that I know how easy it is I may just be able to make more to sell or to make as gifts in the future. Crochet is not exactly a cheap hobby. The entire blanket has six skeins of yarn which in total cost me $35. Even though you can buy nice blankets for that or cheaper, it's something that was handmade by me and gave me great joy while doing it. 

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