Tuesday, October 15, 2019


Our first destination on the way to the Grand Canyon from Tempe, was Sedona. I had heard a lot about Sedona for it's natural beauty and New Age intrigue, so it was a place that was important to hit while I was in Arizona. It made for a great stop over point, it was just two hours north of Tempe and two hours south of the Grand Canyon, a half way side trip and rest stop.

Once we arrived we began  hitting the hot spots that someone might try to see with about one day in this destination. I was overtaken by the gorgeous rock formations surrounding this quaint city. The various shades of red, brown, and orange created a palette that I hadn't experienced before in the the U.S. It showed a distinctive corner of our nations landscape. It was very inspiring to witness, much like experiencing the unique landscape of the Pacific Northwest earlier this year. 

One of the highlights of this destination was the Airbnb we stayed in. I chose a quaint little one room apartment that was separate and freestanding from the renters home. Being my first experience with an Aibnb, it was hard to know exactly how it would go, but it proved to be perfect. The place was welcoming, clean, unique, and cozy. A perfect place to have a relaxing vacation night. For our evening we took the renters' advice and watched the Sedona sunset from Airport Mesa. After the sun got through lighting up the sky, we headed to a grocery store to pick up something for dinner and provisions for our Grand Canyon day to be prepared in the morning. We spent our evening enjoying ourselves at "home" and discussing our adventure plans for the next day. 

Sedona is a great place for seeing beautiful wonder, fun shopping, a nice meal, and outdoor fun. The downtown area was crowded but manageable and it wasn't too tough to find a free place to park. A trip to Arizona wouldn't be complete without a stop here.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Tradition and Tattoos

Since my very first tattoo, at age 18, I've been going to the same tattoo parlor and the same artist. At a point, it just became tradition to be tattooed by the same man and I never considered going elsewhere. Each time, however, I was always just a little bit dissatisfied. It wasn't until recently, when my 4th tattoo became my 7th, is when I decided to change things up.  

When I was 23 I got the words "in God I trust" tattooed under my right arm. At that point in my life it was the right choice for me. Several years, and after much evolution in thought, I decided I wanted it covered. I always knew I wanted the tattoo covered, not removed. I wasn't wanting to remove something I once thought, just change it as my beliefs had changed. 

Two years ago is when I began thinking seriously that I wanted to cover it. I inquired about it with my tattoo artist during a separate tattoo session. However, I was torn because I knew that if I wanted to spend the pain, money, and body space on a new tattoo I wanted it to be something brand new. So I didn't think much about covering in God I trust. Not until about six weeks ago when I began asking a couple friends if they wanted to help me create something to put over this old tattoo. These couple of friends have artistic ability and I am close with them, so would have been happy to have their creation on my body. But, I guess I was more serious than I realized about changing this tattoo and before I even got to work with these friends I was already looking for recommendations for different tattoo artists. 

I knew it was time to finally break tradition and go to a new tattoo artist. I specifically asked for recommendations on someone who worked on cover-ups. I got a few recommendations and landed on a local woman named Tricia Santana. I quickly and easily scheduled a consultation with her. 

During our consultation, I realized how much I was needed a feminine touch for this tattoo. I realized how personal this cover-up was. It wasn't me going to an artist with a specific image I planned to have them put on my body. No, this had to be created from the ground up. I wasn't exactly sure what was going to be possible, so I had to start working with her to see what could take shape to cover something already existing on my body. 

I feel like I was full of ideas. I knew I wanted something beautiful on my body, when all my other tattoos were symbols and words of meaningful things to me. Since I wasn't quite sure what we would have to do to cover it, I went to her with three main themes of important things to me. Nature, Universe, and adventure. Soon after connecting with and chatting with Tricia we stuck on the nature theme and a tree took shape. She sketched out my tattoo on paper then began sketching a pine tree over top of it, one of my favorite trees. Then she came up with putting a night sky behind it with some stars popping out. I got so excited to have this on my body! After spending one hour with me, planning, we made an appointment for two weeks out. It would give me some time to think a few more details through. I'm a person who is deeply concerned with symbols and representation so I wanted everything to symbolize what is important to me. 

The day before I decided to have the female symbol hanging off one of the tree's roots. Early on, one of my many ideas was to have some type of feminist tattoo, so I thought representing femaleness in this subtle symbol would check that box. 

This is the first time I ever got a tattoo that was not an image I had already landed on before.  Instead Tricia and I worked together to create something from nothing and she put it on my body. It's the largest tattoo I have, and took the longest and is the only one I have with color other than black. It's also taking the most getting used to because it feels the most foreign on my body as I wasn't sure what it was going to end up looking like beforehand. To me, it represents my love for nature, the outdoors, wonder, the universe, and the beauty of the night sky. Before recently, I may have not considered putting this on my body, but as I've grown this summer I thought it was definitely for me. 

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Pacific Northwest Adventure

Typically, I travel on my own. However, as my spring travel was coming near, I was feeling less and less like I wanted to make another upcoming trip by myself. I shared this feeling with my long-time friend Dawn and, she, a fellow travel enthusiast agreed we should take a trip together. We bounced ideas back and forth a bit and ultimately we had landed on Seattle, WA. It was a place I had been thinking of going and we could also blend our love mutual love of national parks, by getting in a trip to the nearby Olympic National Park. Dawn also has a goal of visiting all 50 US states before she is 50 years old, so an added trip to nearby Portland, OR would mean she could check off two new states. The trip ended up coming together beautifully. 

We spent our first two days in Seattle where we visited sights like the Seattle Space Needle, the Seattle Japanese Gardens, the Freemont Troll, and the REI Flagship store. Weather was not perfect but we worked with it alright. We had to wear hats but with a light jacket and lots of walking we stayed fairly warm. We never experienced a downpour, but were always underneath overcast skies.

Our third day started with a picking up a rental car which we then drove onto a ferry for the hour long ride across the Puget Sound to get to the Olympic Peninsula. Our first stop was Cash Brewing, a brewery that my mom had found months and months ago. We thought it was incredibly cool to have a brewery with our last name, but of course we're not related. Once I knew I'd be going to the Seattle area, a visit there was added as high priority. I couldn't stop smiling the entire time.

We were bound for the Olympic National Park on our journey through the peninsula. After getting our bearings at the visitors center in Port Angeles, WA we knew the spots we wanted to hit and timed everything out. We day hiked a bit around Crescent Lake, visited the Pacific coast at La Push, drove through and ate in Forks, and hiked in the Hoh Rain Forest. Our day and a half was quick there, but a good amount of time to soak in incredible forests there and experience moss covered mammoth sized trees.

We headed south from there to Portland, OR. Knowing we'd only be about three hours from the city we knew it'd be worth a visit. We arrived at about 9pm and got cozy in our hotel. The following morning we got some much needed breakfast at the famous Voodoo Doughnuts and they were absolutely delicious. We visited the Lan Su Chinese Garden, the Pittock Mansion, and Powell's Books. Portland had lovely weather for us, 70 degrees and sunny.

The following day we roadtripped back up to Seattle stopping at the Mount St. Helens visitor center and Olympia, WA to meet up with a mutual college friend of ours. I have to say one of the highlights was reminiscing with him over old Facebook photos of our crazy nights in the dorm. 

We soaked in a lot of the Pacific Northwest and got a good view of what it has to offer. Definitely a unique landscape and one that I hadn't seen ever before. We really hit a home run with this trip; it turned out to be pretty economical, very safe, and filled with adventure.  

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Life Coaching: Creating a business

When I began my life coaching course, training on how to form a business came along with it. For the past six months I have been slowly chipping away at the details that come with building your own business. Since I've given myself so much time, I've been able to do this in manageable chunks, which aren't intimidating when you tackle them step-by-step. Here is what I have so far:

August-November 2018-Generated at least 15 business name ideas. Kept a running list and finally landed on what I really loved "Collaborative Coaching." Commissioned an old friend, a professional graphic designer, to create a business logo. Went to a free workshop on how to start a small business. Decided I wanted to use the limited liability corporation or, LLC structure for my business. 

December 2018-Decided on a platform to build a website and began building. Secured a domain name and paid for one year of web service. Began laying down ideas for marketing strategies and pricing options.

January 2019-Found out that my business name was not available in the Michigan Database of registered LLCs. (Tip-Do this search before you get connected with a business name!) Whined about it for a while, then went back to my list of 15  names and chose another one I liked: Cocreative Life Coaching. Deciding to change my name meant I had to have my logo design working out again. Additionally I chose a website domain name based on my first choice name, so I had to take steps to change that. Began using Quickbooks accounting software to track the few business expenses I had. Began getting creative with some marketing materials I would like to have printed.

February 2019-Applied for my LLC status through the state of Michigan. Filed out a form, paid a $50 fee, and popped it in the mail. I did some online research to find this information and to be sure I was doing it right, but overall found it to be a very easy process. Filed for my employer identification number (EIN). Wrote my business polices and client contract. Had it looked over by a lawyer

March 2019- I will open up my business checking account. I want to take a month to reflect on my six month training course, tie up loose ends with details of my business, and finalize my marketing materials.

April 2019-Want to be open for business and begin taking paid clients.

Even though I will be this business's only employee, this hasn't been a one-person effort thus far. I'd like to mention some people who have helped me along the way.

Sara Cash-for always being supportive of my ideas and also for suggesting a lawyer to me.
Greg Carter-for creating my logo.
Tom Cash-for being supportive and also helping me recreate my logo.
Dawn Cenowa, Halle Arehart, Alexa Markham, and Heidi Clark-for being my practice clients.
Rebecca McClusky-for looking over my contract for me.
Lynae Arehart-for looking over my marketing materials with a fine toothed comb.

Life coaching: My training

Once I decided that life coaching was for me, there was no stopping me. While I could be accused of rushing things, from the time I decided this dream was driving me forward with a life of its own. 

Firstly I began doing research on what it would take for me to become a life coach. After a quick Google search, it is not hard to see that there are many quickie programs out there, some as low as $100. However, holding myself to high professional standards I knew I wanted to do this right. I learned that practically anyone can call themselves a life coach, with or without training.  I wanted to learn the craft of life coaching so I began researching  more legitimate training programs.

After looking through several options I landed on a program with a tuition cost that I was comfortable with. I chose Symbiosis Coaching because I liked the ease of use of their website; it really explained what I would be getting with my tuition. I felt confident that I would be not only learning how to life coach clients, but also how to form and run my own life coaching business. I made my decision to become a life coach around July 20th, 2018 and I had my first class with Symbiosis on August 9th, 2018. 

I attend a weekly teleclass in which my instructor speaks with the 15 other students in our class. Since the school is international, mostly based in the US, Canada, and India, we phone in from around the world. Our instructor, who is in Canada, leads us through a lecture topic each week, of which we have been given material in advance for. We usually get broken up into pairs where we complete exercises, just like in an in-person class. 

The material is useful and my instructor is very professional. I have had great discussions with other members of the class and learned a great deal from them. Additionally, I have made one close friend, who lives in Seattle. We talk and text weekly to discuss our progress and encourage each other. 

My class is six months in length and at this point I have just a few weeks left. In addition to the weekly lectures I must attend, I have a few assignments that must be completed by the end of the course. 
  • A log of 12 hours of practice life coaching
  • 3-20 minute practice coaching calls with a classmate partner, critiqued by our instructor
  • A profile of my ideal client
  • A client assessment that I have written myself
  • A final exam 
This training program has given me the skills and knowledge to be confident as a life coach. For the past several months I have been applying what I have learned with my four practice clients. It give me a great foundation to be providing quality life coaching to my future paying clients. 

Monday, January 14, 2019

What's the Greatest Compliment You've Received

If you ever catch the John Tesh Radio Show, you’ll find that he gives simple yet intuitive pointers that can be super useful. A long time ago I learned from him a great question to ask someone that you are just getting to know.

What is the greatest compliment you've ever received?

That person’s answer can reveal what they value most whether they mention is was something about their looks, their personality, or their character, so on.When answering the question for myself, mine is as follows. 
You have a great energy about you.
I wasn't doing anything particularly energetic at the time, just being myself. When I got this compliment, I thought wow, this person has observed something very important about me. 

I think when we receive a compliment when someone hits the nail on the head, it feels particularly good. This was a compliment about something that was below surface level and an observation about how I truly want to be seen. I think sometimes we really get excited when someone sees us in exactly the way we are trying to get across. Sometimes we aren’t sure if we are successful in showing people who we are. When someone sees it, it feels truly validating. 

For me, I do want to portray a good energy. A calming one, a positive one, one that makes people feel good. In just an extremely short time, this person saw that. 

What’s the greatest compliment you’ve been given?

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Becoming a Life Coach

For many months after returning to the US from Japan I felt as if I'm a spinning ball of energy, aimless, unsure of where to direct my focus. When thinking about "what's next" for me I realized I didn't want to latch onto some temporary dream that could be lived out in a year or two. After which I'd be stuck yet again having to reinvent myself. No, this time I wanted to find something that would take time to build, something that I could begin basing my life off of. Something that would keep me driven and focused for years to come.

I see my experiences of my 20s as a series of great events only loosely related to one another. At 32, I was feeling that I wanted to do something to pull all those experiences and skills that I've picked up and point them in a direction that can help me achieve the lifestyle I want. A lifestyle that could offer me freedom of movement to travel, manage my time my own way, and be able to use my experiences in a positive way to help others. 

It was this summer that I began thinking I might need a life coach to help me sort this all out. I had motivation, I just wasn't sure where to direct it. I knew what life coaching was and I thought this would be just what I needed to help me find my way. As I was seeking out life coaches in Jackson, I had a sudden change of heart. It happened in a flash as I was reading an email response from one of the life coaches. 

Maybe I could be a life coach! 

There is was! I had my answer, my solution, my dream, my goal. I had that thing that I could begin building, something that would give me everything I was searching for and use everything I had. The more and more I thought about it, the more and more sense this solution was making. 

It wasn't long before I was researching what I needed to do to become a life coach. After a few weeks of comparing programs I chose a 6-month online course that I felt very excited about to learn the ropes of life coaching. This field is not something that is legally regulated, so to become a life coach technically a person does not need any formal training or certification. However, I decided I wanted to to this right, I knew I wanted to get some comprehensive training as well as a certification to be able to do the best job possible.  

That was July/August and now I am just over half way through that course and loving every part of it. I even have a great friend that I talk to outside of class to compare experiences. Through this course not only am I learning how to be a coach, but also how to develop a business around life coaching, and being encouraged to practice my skills as a coach. 

Every part of this journey so far has been so incredible. I am moving forward toward this goal with excitement and motivation like I haven't felt in quite some time. I'm excited now to be screaming this from the "cyber rooftops". There will be lots more to come about my journey and future as a life coach, but for now I just wanted to share with you all how excited I am about these next steps. 

Friday, September 28, 2018

Talk Therapy

I want to tell you that I see a counselor. 

This is something that is taking a slight bit of courage to write about. That is due to the fact that we still live in a time where there is a negative stigma attached to the fact that sometimes we just need someone to talk to. We still stigmatize mental illness and in turn mental health. But, the reason I'm writing this post is because I don't believe it should be stigmatized and it should be much more out in the open. 

I began seeing Kelly last October when I was looking for an person who could be an unbiased third-party in my life. I was looking for a sounding board, someone to bounce my feelings off, to help me make sense of them. Someone who wouldn't judge me because they had no skin in the game of my life. Someone who wouldn't take offence to the things I thought or felt. A person who's job it is to validate me. A lot like a journal, but would talk back. 

Throughout the winter, a time that can get rough for me, I talked to Kelly about a lot of my feelings. Thinking that winter helps accentuate any negative feeling I have, having her by my side through this season was exceptionally helpful. She's been there to listen to my ever running journey and was someone I enjoyed very much bearing my deepest thoughts to. She had an incredible way of understanding me even when I didn't think I articulated myself well. She always seemed to get what I was trying to say. 

I talk about her in the past tense, because very recently she informed me she would be moving to Canada. Our last session together was this week. I have found another counselor in the same practice and am looking forward to hopefully a similar relationship. However, I will miss Kelly and the comfort we built with each other. 

When I first began seeing her I had Meridian Health Insurance through Medicaid. They paid for unlimited visits. For the first time in my life I could see a therapist weekly if I wanted. The bouts of therapy that I have had before were short lived due to limitations of my insurance. About seven months into our sessions I was dropped by Medicaid, but upon hearing of this Kelly offered to take me on pro bono so we could continue seeing each other. 

I don't have a mental illness, I have a generic diagnosis (for insurance purposes), but I truly believe that we don't have to be mentally ill to need talk therapy. We don't even need to be going through anything particularly difficult. Life is difficult enough and I believe talking to a good therapist makes it much easier to bear sometimes. I know we have friends and family for that, but at times it helps to have a truly unbiased person to allow you to talk while they just listen. Even though I don't feel sick I still want to have a relationship like this in my life as preventative maintenance. It helps keep my mind well. 

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Balloon Chasing

Getting hooked on balloons was something I had heard a lot about from the people around me that also know about hot air balloons' pull. After I got my balloon ride at this year's media flight night I witnessed how cool it was to work as crew for the balloon. I realized it was something I wanted to try. I'm get excited by thing that require amounts of functional strength, something that I strive to earn in my workouts. 

I built a relationship with my balloon pilot, Al Smith, who flies Northern Lights out of Grass Lake, MI. After the Hot Air Jubilee was over I let Al know that I would like to offer myself as a volunteer crew member, should he ever need me. Turned out he needed me pretty quickly and the very following weekend I got to try my hands at balloon chasing. 

I joined the rest of the crew at 6:20 a.m. at Ella Sharp Park. Three balloons would be going up, taking up a few sponsors from the Hot Air Jubilee. For about an hour we waited out rain and poor weather conditions before it was decided that we were going to launch from a more southern location. Once we finally got in position to launch the balloon was rolled out onto the grass. Myself and another newbie crew member stood on either side holding the massive balloon open as the large fan inflated it with ambient air. I think we both were just as giddy to be there and though we couldn't talk, we kept smiling at each other from across the balloon. When the balloon is almost fully inflated with air the burner is turned on to heat the air up. At this point the balloon was becoming harder and harder to hold onto so I was glad when Al let me know I could go ahead and let it go. Before we knew it the balloon was standing fully upright on its own.

We held down the basket as the two passengers climbed in. Once the final tether was released we waived goodbye and we calmly but some of the supplies back in the van, hopped in, and started on the next phase of our journey-chasing.

The pilot uses an app called Glympse on his phone and he is able to share with us a GPS signal of where he is going. We spent the better part of an hour keeping an eye on him in the sky, watching him move across a small cell phone screen, and determining where he was headed and what roads would lead us to him. It was a fun  and exciting morning with three other women.

We had eyes on the other two balloons that were flying and from time to time would cross paths with the other chase crews. Having the app was very helpful, but I can't imagine the days when that was not available. We had radio communication with the balloon too, but hardly used it.

Once we finally determined Al was ready to land we sat and waited in the van just ahead of him to anticipate his arrival. Once we saw him coming down quick three of us jumped out of the van and sprinted about the length of a football field to be there the moment he touched down. He landed in a field so we ran through rows of cut down straw. It was a pretty gentle landing and we got hold of the basket right away. The basket was laid down and the passengers hadn't gotten out yet, so it was a hilarious sight seeing them curled up in the fetal position and we tried giving them a hand to climb out.

Once squeezing out all of the air from the balloon it's stuffed into a large circular bag. It feels a lot like stuffing a sleeping bag for a giant. After everything was loaded we all rode in the van to the launch point for us to get our vehicles.

Ballooning can have a lot of waiting involved, but when its "go" time it can be one of the most exciting things ever!